Innowacje w systemach uszczelnień i izolacji

Acoustic tape for
drywall system

Tape used to isolate connections between perimeter profiles and the building structure in walls and suspended ceiling systems. It has damping properties.

Sealing tape
under counter battens

Self-adhesive polyethylene tape used to seal punctures with nails or staples, roof membrane and counter batten with roof truss.

for photovoltaics

Tapes and sheets for photovoltaic applications.

Sealing tape for rectangular
ventilation channels

Self-adhesive closed cell polyethylene tape for sealing ducts and shaped rectangular ventilation ducts.

Comprehensive service for sandwich panels manufacturers

Our accessories are used during the production process, transport and assembly.



Our advantages include professionalism in action, flexible approach, comprehensive assortment and a wide range of additional services, such as advisory and consultation in implementing unique solutions.

The materials we offer are customised to the needs of individual Customers, as confirmed by the patents we hold on some of our solutions.


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